Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Nostalgic for the '90s: Crop Tops Love

You see, I love crop tops. I have yet to find the perfect one but nonetheless, they are cute, fun, flirty and just very in theme with my whole '90s look'.  So in honor of that, I am creating some crop top outfit combinations that will appropriate for almost any event.

Top: Urban Outfitters
Skirt: FreePeople
Credit: Elle

   Top by NastyGal
Any high wasted bottom would definitely make this outfit complete
Credit: NastyGal

Top: Free People
Bottom: Similar here, here, here

Similar tops: Asos, Topshop, and Nordstrom
The skirt is from Urban Outfitters
Credit: Yahoo


Courtesy of Maria

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Nostalgic for the '90s: Clueless

Cheers to the '90s cult classic that inspired the blog's name!  As if we'd leave you totally buggin for some Clueless inspired gear.  These items will make you more popular than Cher, Dionne and Thai.
Roll with your homies in Nylon's Homies Grey Sweatshirt ($68.00)
"That was way harsh, Tai."  Get the iPhone 4/4s/5 case here ($15.99) and Samsung Galaxy S3/S4 case here ($15.99)
OMG Sticky Notes... Enough said ($3.99)
Pay homage to Cher with this pillar Clueless Candle ($15.00)
Totally get your crush's attention with a fluffy marabou pen.  Get a 12 pack of assorted colors here ($6.64)
In September, NCLA released their Clueless nail wrap collection in the styles of Virgin Who Can't Drive, Everywhere You Go Has Valet, Cher's Closet and I Totally Paused! ($16.00)
Hang with Dionne, Cher and Thai in your dorm room.  See all the poster options here ($1.99 - $19.99)
I can't get enough of these candles.  Get the Clueless Candles Gift Set, so you don't have to choose just one ($28.00)
A copy of Jane Austen's Emma, the 1815 novel from which the movie was adapted.  If you're like me, you swoon at a clothbound hardcover like the one on the left from Penguin Classics ($14.79), or you can get the elegant paperback Dover Thrift Editions ($3.15) shown on the right.

If you want outfit inspiration, check out BuzzFeed's "The 37 Best Looks from Clueless"

Courtesy of Coraline

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Nostalgic for the '90s: JuJu Jellies

I'm my 5 year-old self again wearing black jellies with frilly white socks and high waisted shorts.  The dream of the '90s stayed alive in Portland, and I'm bringing it back to Miami.  With the onslaught of storms, our college campus is flooded, and my jellies are the perfect shoe choice for this weather.

I've even made an elaborate list to tell you why JeLLiEsRuLe4RaiN:
  1. They have a buckled strap meaning they aren't flip-flops meaning my feet won't be sliding out of my wet shoes as I speed between classes and sprint from building to building
  2. They aren't completely closed, so after stepping in a puddle, my feet will quickly dry
  3. SOCKS ARE OPTIONAL! Do you understand the magnitude of this perk?  It means NO SOGGY SOCKS!  I wasn't kidding when I said the streets are flooded here.  Stepping in puddles that are ankle high is unavoidable.  Stepping in them with boots or sneakers means damp socks for the rest of the day, and that is not a feeling I enjoy
  4. They're unique.  I don't see many people wearing them.  Wearing this boot too often gets boring.
Maria Pizzeria wearing a Joanna Pybus jacket
I love that you can see the white nail polish through the shoes!
"Candy Crush" by Arvida Byström for ROOKIE Mag
"Candy Crush" by Arvida Byström for ROOKIE Mag
Arvida Byström and Maria Pizzeria matching their hair with their jellies for the ROOKIE Mag shoot
"Super Freaky Girls" by Helen Glory
Whinnie Williams performance
SS14 JuJu Jellies
"FAM n LFW" by Maria Pizzeria
@heyzealc on Instagram
"April In Focus" by Helen Glory

Ways to wear them: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Courtesy of Coraline

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Quick Recap of Fashion Week SS2014

As fashion week is well in our rear view mirrors, there were many reoccurring trends that I noticed from each runway show. From the dark tones and in contrast, light and airy materials to the interesting angles cuts and the simple clean lines, an apparent observation is that many of the pieces are rather ready to wear. The fashion itself might be a bit interesting but easily transformable overall and with the right pairing, any individual can rock a runway look and be the talk of town!

Head to Toe: Saint Laurent NYFW
Image Credit: HipHunters
blumarine Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014 Day 3 Recap | Versace, Sportmax, Blumarine + More
Blumarine MFW
Image Credit: FashionGoneRogue 

London Fashion Week makep trends
Meanwhile, makeup at LFW displayed a trend of a bold and graphic eye. As aforementioned, this fashion week(s), reveled doable and replicable styles and same can be said with the makeup, check out this article by The Fashion Times!

Courtesy of Maria